In the second part of our Green Winter Holiday in Metro Vancouver Guide, we will focus on 2018 holiday decorations. 

There are some studies that have shown that many holiday store-bought decorations contain at least one hazardous chemical at levels of concern. These include beaded garlands and string lights. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ditch all of your holiday decorations, you may want to think about these 5 alternative green options:

  1. Have a real holiday tree instead of an artificial tree
  2. Make a popcorn garland instead of a beaded garland
  3. Make (or purchase from a trusted source) a reusable dried wreath instead of an artificial wreath
  4. Look for LED strands sold by IKEA or on IKEA’s light strings satisfy the stricter European Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) regulations, while some brands sold by Environmental Lights claim to be lead-free.
  5. Choose candles made from soybean, palm, hemp, or beeswax, and scented with essential oils. Most of the commercially sold candles are made from paraffin wax, which is a petroleum product, and are scented products with artificial fragrances, which are also derived from petroleum. Research has shown that burning paraffin wax candles can release cancer-causing toluene and benzene into the air, as well as alkenes and alkanes which can cause respiratory illnesses.

You can also easily create an aromatic space just by diffusing essential oils. Plus, essential oils have therapeutic properties, and many areantibacterial and antiviral, so you can also help keep cold and flu viruses at bay at the same time! Our Holistic Essentials line of products use essential oils and are perfect way tofreshen up your space.

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