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Our Monthly Care Box

How It Works

Each month you will get a package of 3 uniquely curated and handmade natural body and home care products for only $42. You can choose any 3 products from our catalogue, as long as they are under $20 per item. The products will be specifically tailored to your skin/body type, preferences, and requirements (e.g. scent preferences, allergies, vegan ingredients, etc.). You can order multiples of the same product, but the total quantity of the order cannot exceed 3 items. Depending on which items you select, you’ll save up to 30% compared to purchasing the items separately! All products:
  • Are handmade in Vancouver, BC with natural and safe ingredients. All ingredients have a safe rating in the Environmental Working Group database.
  • Are made from mostly or all certified organic or wild-crafted ingredients.
  • Are elegantly packaged in reusable and recyclable glass, stainless steel, or aluminum containers or compostable containers to minimize the use of plastic, which leach harmful chemicals.
  • Contain no fillers, so they are concentrated and a little goes a long way
  • Typically last 6-12 months of regular use (although shelf life will typically be longer than that). Some products such as shampoo and conditioner would likely be used up sooner than that.
As an added bonus, you will also get my monthly e-newsletter, where you will find many of my product recipes, tips, and other special resources! Note: there are only a limited number of subscriptions available per 3-month term. Register Now Registration deadline to receive products by mid-Jan: Dec. 26th

Pick-Up and Shipping

Packages can be picked up free of charge from one of three different locations in Vancouver during the second Wednesday and Friday of each month between the hours listed below. Emails are sent out to subscribers to confirm the available dates and times of pick-ups at the beginning of each month, and subscribers need to confirm which location and time they will pick up their package. If alternative pick-up times are required, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.
  • 1623 E.21st Avenue, anytime
  • Cambie and Broadway, 8:30am-4:30pm
  • 401 Burrard, 9am-5pm
Orders can also be shipped to you. Please email me to get an estimate for shipping cost.

Registration and Ordering Deadlines

To ensure you receive your products by the second week of each month, the registration deadline for the subsequent month’s order is typically the 26th of each month. Confirmed subscribers will have until the 1st of each month to select which product items they would like for that month. For example, if you would like to start receiving products mid-Jan, you will need to register by December 26th, and select your items by January 1st.

How to Subscribe and Accepted Forms of Payment

To subscribe, simply click the button below to fill out a registration form with your contact information and details that will help me tailor packages that will meet your needs. Once your registration has been accepted, you will be contacted via email to let you know how to pay and order your items. Subscriptions are on a three-month basis. At the beginning of each three-month term, you will need to complete the payment of $105 via credit card, PayPal, e-transfer, or cash. NOTE: Cash will not be accepted for your initial registration to the program. After your initial registration, you will receive an email every three months to ask if you would like to continue your subscription and to determine if your preferences have changed. Register Now Registration deadline for January’s products: December 26th Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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