Chiropractic for the Young Athlete

Guest post by Dr. Sabrina Chen-See, Vancouver's Pediatric & Family Wellness Chiropractor on chiropractic for the young athlete. Everyone knows about chiropractic care for the professional athlete- Sidney Crosby, Usain Bolt, Stephen Curry and many others swore by...

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Movement Guidelines for You and Your Children

Each year, ParticiPACTION, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Canadian sit less and move more, rates how much physical activity children in Canada are getting. In 2016, our rating was a big fat D-, consistent with our recent years’ results. While many...

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How to Get Exercise into Your Busy Schedule – Part 1

Many of us have difficulty finding time to get the exercise that we need, especially when we are caring for younger children who requires so much of our attention. But exercise is so important - not just for our physical health and for getting in shape, but also for...

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