I can help you create the green, healthy lifestyle you desire by:

Empowering you to take charge over your health.

Helping you focus your efforts on things you can realistically change.

Using simple and practical approaches that maximize health benefits for you and the environment.


Because one-size does not fit all, I offer a multi-tiered approach

Option 1: Personalized Coaching

In these in-depth personalized coaching sessions, I work with you to find simple, effective, and affordable ways to greenproof your home or work environment. We cover everything from the air quality to water quality, personal care and cleaning products, cookware, furniture, flooring and building materials, and much much more.  

What’s included: a complementary initial consult, a home / workplace assessment, a personalized greenproofing guide, and at least one follow-up email / telephone session.

After working with me, people have said things like “she really went above and beyond and her services helped us tremendously“, and “her wealth of knowledge was incredibly helpful“.

Free Initial Consult

In this initial assessment, I find out what are your needs, concerns, and interests, and what you would like the most support in, when transitioning to a greener and healthier lifestyle.

You have the opportunity to choose from several service package options and find one that best suits your needs. If you decide after the first meeting my services are not what you are looking for, there is no pressure to commit!

Home / Workplace Assessment

Once you confirm you would like to work with me, we schedule a walk-through of your home or workplace. Note: This is typically done in-person, but to protect everyone’s safety at this time, I am only offering virtual walk-throughs.

In the walk-through, we look at each room for potential sources of toxins, the overall air and water quality in your home, and the types of building materials and products (e.g. body care products, cleaning products, food products, etc.) found in your home. 

In these sessions, we also discuss in greater detail what your concerns and questions are, and I share my initial recommendations and resources with you.  


Greenproofing Resource Guide

About a week after the home / workplace assessment, you receive a personalized greenproofing resource guide specifically tailored to you.

The detailed guide is based on the findings from the assessment, and provides you with recommended actions for you take in the short and longer term. This avoids you from feeling overwhelmed, and helps you prioritize what is most important.

Follow Up Email and Telephone Support

I encourage my clients to keep in contact with me through email and/or telephone for at least a month after we last meet so that I can answer any questions that might have come up for you. I always offer at least one follow-up email or telephone call to go through the guide and/or answer questions that arise.

Packages typically start at $150 CAD.

That includes approximately 3 hours of consultation time and a personalized greenproofing guide.

Option 2: Workshops

I offer DIY workshops and presentations to the public on a regular basis, as well as to private groups on request. These workshops are fun and supportive, and are perfect for baby showers, parent groups, childcare centres, etc.

People leave saying things like “whether you’re a parent or not – [you] would benefit from time spent with Iona!” and “this workshop was simple, fun and best of all, sent me home with everything I needed to get started!

Visit the Workshops & Other Events page to find upcoming workshops!

Option 3: Online Mentoring

Don’t have time to meet in person or attend a workshop, or you live outside of Vancouver? My online mentoring sessions are perfect for you! You have the option of doing a 1 or 2 hour online session with me, where I can answer your specific questions and provide you support where you most need it. We can also schedule follow-up sessions if you require additional or continual mentoring. Contact me for more information.

Option 4: Free Monthly E-Newsletter, Online Tips & Advice

On my Recipes + Resources blog, you will find lots of tips and advice that will help you create a greener and healthier home. You can also subscribe to my monthly e-newsletter or join my private Facebook group, A Healthy Beginning, which provides weekly tips on active living, healthy eating, and DIY projects.


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